Intelligent Lighting

Convenience and energy efficinecy!




At metasystems we create bespoke lighting control solutions to get the balance right between the natural light and the artificial lighting inorder to achieve your style and to match the needs of the space throughout the day.

Intelligent lighting dramatically alters interior or external spaces brightening or dimming, multiple lights can be controlled by the touch of a button to different preset levels, even if you are not there in person. You could, for example, turn off all the lights by one button push. Lighting controls can be integrated with a CCTV and alarm system as part of a security solution setting certain lighting scenes when a particular alarm event is triggered.

Turn on one room or entire home with one light switch


With occupancy sensors lights turn off when nobody is in the room


Lights turn on automaticaly to welcome you home


Time events - Program lights or lighting scenarios to automatically turn on and off at specific times and days


Create mood lighting scenes -when you reading a book or when you watch your favourite movie!


All lights off - Turn off all the lights when leaving from home


Away mode - Make your home to appear to be occupied even when you’re away.


Energy efficinecy - With scheduled time events and the use of sensors you can manage and reduce energy consumption !


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