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Enjoy a great movie experience at home


Home entertainment industry is expanding at an incredible rate since the introduction of online content and movie rental,high-definition and media servers, home entertainment is a great experience. With hidden screens drop from the ceiling or lifted up from inside a cabinet, video projectors emerge from the ceiling and all this from a push of a button, we transforming rooms to give you the best cinema experience.

At metasystems we can design and create bespoke home cinema solutions to fit almost any room. Concealed screens that drop from the ceiling, emerge from a wall or pop up at the end of a bed. Typically these installations are invisible by day and seamlessly transform into the ultimate media complex by night with the press of a single button. With sublime audio clarity and ultra sharp visuals all elegantly installed there’s never been a better time to enjoy that ‘night at the movies’ experience in the comfort of your own home.

Watch video from multiple sources, such as media players , hard drives and portable devices , tv chanels , sattelite and iptv channels.


Store all your DVD library in a media server and browse direcly from your TV.


Hide all of your equipment in a closet and control everything with a single, elegant touch screen or smart phone.


Enjoy smart control throughout the room - press “play”and the lights dim, the projector is drop from the ceiling , video srouce is selected and you enjoying a great enertainement experience .Press “pause” and the lights ramps back up.


Control your whole home from the theater, including adjusting the room temperature or seeing who is at the front door, without leaving your seat.


Enjoy your favourite movie or a football match , seating on a relaxing cinema seat!


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